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  • Baja Bug Baja Bug
• As mentioned in the Electrical section, I decided to replace the original dash. The main reason for this is because the '74 Super's dash sticks out too far; that is, the sides where the vents are, mean the roll cage has to be set back, preventing windwings and window handles from operating with the doors closed.

• The only way to do this is to make one from scratch. I decided to make it out of wood. Very difficult, especially if you don't have a router.

• I milled mesquite wood for the effort! That's nuts. But I did it anyway. Built a metal frame to secure it to the body.
  • Baja Bug gauges Baja Bug gauges
  • Baja Bug gauges Baja Bug gauges
• Gauge enclosure. One of the things I thought to was make it hinged, allowing easy access to the dash's wiring.

• This is always a problem with any dash: It's hard to get to the wiring. Here I can reach down and around.
  • Baja Bug electrical Baja Bug electrical
• I jerry-rigged the back of the left-hand instrument segment. The wood dash still has to be finished on the sides, for the vents, and a couple of other touches. More pics next.


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