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  • Super Beetle door Super Beetle door
• There are a lot of steps that went into making this door so nice. It's been sanded down, primered, painted and given nice Dynamat insulation/soundproofing. You want sound deadening if you have a hot rod engine. That stuff is expensive, and it went everywhere it would stick: floor pan, rear panels, tunnel, and behind the seat.
  • Super Beetle floor pans Super Beetle floor pans
  • Super Beetle floor pans Super Beetle floor pans
• While fitting the floor pans I'm also making sure the wiring is happy. Here I'm starting to apply black sealant to protect from rust.

• The floor pans were installed and spot welded. Then they were treated with the black sealant. The white stuff is weather proof sealant out of a calking gun, which is also done on the bottom.
  • Baja Bug roll cage Baja Bug roll cage
• Here's the six-point roll cage after prepped, painted and clear coated. Hey guess what? The Super Beetle dash from 1974 sticks out about four inches than standard. So you're going to have to modify your roll cage, because mine didn't come in 1974 size. Chop the front segment four inches. Have fun angling it in. Don't bolt it to the flimsy floor pan. Weld it to the frame. You can't do that in the back, because it's just sheet metal. So you'll have to very carefully either spot weld and/or weld tabs to it from the fender walls. In the background is one of the doors and the side bars.

• Note: I'm working on customizing the dash, so the roll cage can one day be extended, allowing wind-wings and window handles to operate with the door closed.


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