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  • Baja Bug sound deadening Baja Bug sound deadening
• Here's some more Dynamat insulation. Also pictured is the foam insulation that I stuck to the headliner and sides. I did this for additional sound deadening, and to mask the old fabric. The Baja Bug is still loud inside (later put on a better muffler), but not nearly as loud as when you open the door. The Dynamat and Dynaliner also keep the Bug cool in the desert summer.
  • Baja Bug Corbeau seat Baja Bug Corbeau sea
• After the floor pans, then comes the roll cage. I made sure to install the dash beforehand, because it's very hard to angle in/out once the cage is in.

• Nice Baja Seats from Corbeau! Notice the cross-bar bolted to the roll cage. That's to secure the seat harness: It must be just below even to the shoulder straps. Have fun getting in and out of the back seat now!

• The cross-bar also adds impact resistance, along with the side bars, in case of a T-bone.
  • Baja Bug roll cage Baja Bug roll cage
• All done with the seats. Very comfortable. Before installing the seats, but after the seat rails were bolted to the pan (reinforced with big washers), I glued the floor padding and carpeting. I've also replaced the rear panel and door covers with new product to match the seats.
  • Baja Bug interior Baja Bug interior
• Updated photo, after I switched seat covers. Rear seat was removed. Still to do: Cut some wood to place over the rear seat area, and build a storage box.


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