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  • Super Beetle interior Super Beetle interior
• The wiring had to be replaced. It's a big job, and would be very costly to have it done for me. I found a very good custom wiring kit from Watson's StreetWorks.

The idea is to leave out all the non-essential stuff like seat belt warning and test circuits, and add off-road lights, gauges and other "needed" items.
  • Super Beetle electrical Super Beetle electrical
• This part of the project won't go into detail -- since there is just too much to cover. You want the original diagrams when messing with electrical. For the 1974 Super, you will also want to reference Bentley Publishers generic service manual for 1970-79 Beetles and Karma Ghia. This manual will give you the "from August 1973 [1974 Models]" but also the August 1971 diagram, which has the physical location of what is where. And of course, John Muir's "How To Keep Your Volkswagen Alive" is essential. These two manuals cover everything, including electrical.
  • Baja Bug wiring Baja Bug wiring
• The wiring here was a mess. Diagrams and gauges provided by Watson's StreetWorks; 42 Draft Designs for diode lighted gauges and a few odd other diagrams. This rewiring took me A WHILE. Finished in 2018.


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