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  • Baja Bug front Baja Bug front
• Now the front fenders go on, after the holes are drilled.
  • Baja Bug front Baja Bug front
  • Baja Bug headlight Baja Bug headlight
• Turns out that the stock headlights won't fit neatly, as seen here. This is later fixed with appropriate housing/lights, seen in second photograph.

• I will fiberglass, sand and paint that grill seam to make it smooth against the front piece.
  • Baja Bug front Baja Bug front
• AC issues. First off the front grill bows at the bottom. Second, the bottom of the condenser is exposed to any rocks kicked up (or ran into), which would damage the thing. And I don't want to have to tear off that fiberglass front to repair or replace it.
  • Baja Bug bumper Baja Bug bumper
• The solution was to take the original steel fender and cut it neatly, smooth out the rough edges and drill holes. Getting it on was a bit of a pain, since I had to tighten from both the outside and inside on the bolts.
  • Baja Bug front Baja Bug front
• Side view of the custom work. The front with the bumper cage installed by French's. Needs painting, but that will come later. The front cage for a '74 Super has to be special, and thankfully French's had one laying around. Here we see the combination of fender and cage that should offer pretty good protection to the AC condenser. Just behind the steel is the plastic cover to the blower.


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