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  • Baja Bug fiberglass Baja Bug fiberglass
• After all the extra metal has been removed the fiberglass has to be started on. First photo is a 7-piece kit made for the late model Super Beetle.

• There are few choices for Super Beetle owners seeking to replace their stock fenders and other body parts with pre-made fiberglass. I found the only true 7-piece kit from Mark V Fiberglass in Nevada.
  • Baja Bug rear Baja Bug rear
• Before cutting into the body, the fiberglass fenders need to be positioned, marked and drilled for holes. Have a friend hold each fender as you line it up. You can do it yourself by placing a tall object on the tire and rest the fender on it. I used a small cooler. This isn't an exact science: I had to make two or three adjustments where the fenders started. For the rear fenders, I choose to start above where the running board use to be. The same start was chosen for the front fenders, but later I had to move them down because of how the front cowl sat.
  • Baja Bug tools Baja Bug tools
• Do NOT drill and attach the fenders yet. Position fenders and mark — starting at the furthest end of the rear fenders — with a felt marker. That is where you will begin your cuts in the back. At the front fenders, position them and mark where they end toward the front. The front is tricky.
  • Baja Bug rear Baja Bug rear
• Beginning with the back of the VW, I start from the rear fender mark and draw a straight line to the back corner of the engine area. Get a good drill with a hand grip, plus a Dremmel for the tights spots. You need the Dremmel with a small cutoff wheel to get into that rear back corner and cut across toward the engine. If you're like me, cutting into a car is the most fun you will have with it, second to taking the thing out once it's finished.
  • Baja Bug hood cobweb Baja Bug cobweb hood
• Jumping ahead in the process here. I reinforced the fiberglass hood with OEM/other bracing, and did this Cobweb paint job. Cool. Added lock to the hood, and rigged a latch inside the wheel well.


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