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  • Baja Bug front Baja Bug front
• The front of the VW takes more attention than the rear. This is because the front fiberglass piece must align with the hood, and then the fenders must align to both body and hood.

• Before making the front cut, I took a paper outline of the front fiberglass piece and cut from there.
  • Baja Bug gas strut Baja Bug gas strut
• Before anything else, the front hood needs to come off. I had a hell of a time with it, because the original springs and the clips that hold them were worn. VW didn't do a very good job in the hood spring area. Plus, the stock springs are too stiff for the fiberglass hood, so before I can even use them, they will need to be weakened with a torch.

• Note: Later decided the OEM hood springs needed replacing with way better gas struts, shown here. The Super from 1973 uses a different length than all other Type 1s.
  • Baja Bug front Baja Bug front
• Front hood off, replaced with fiberglass. Note the temporary use of the wood stick to hold it up, until the springs were replaced. Here the front metal sides are cut off, and from the top of the wheel well.
  • Baja Bug rear Baja Bug rear
  • Baja Bug rear Baja Bug rear
• Once you get to the back, a Dremel will be needed because it gets to tight for a larger cutting wheel.

• After all the cuts are made, you have to remove the tin surrounding the engine and the seal. Exposed is the old engine and muffler.


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