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  • Baja Bug front Baja Bug front
• Now to the front again. The rest is cut away. I tried to keep as much metal on, but still ended up short!
  • Super Beetle air box Super Beetle air box
• Here's the air box after I got the wipers and air working, then painted.
  • Baja Bug fiberglass Baja Bug fiberglass
• Since I will be installing air conditioning, a bit of inventiveness will be needed. And how.

• Note: I have since removed the AC unit (2018) and sold it. But we'll outline the procedure. Here the fiberglass cowl is placed next to the metal grill. The metal and cowl will be cut, then riveted into a single piece.
  • Baja Bug air conditioning Baja Bug air conditioning
• Now all the metal has been chopped off, fiberglassing comes next. But before I do that, the AC kit will be installed.

• Here is the installed AC blower ... the wheel-well and area were sprayed with some primer after being cleaned up.
  • Baja Bug air conditioning Baja Bug air conditioning
• Next the AC condenser is installed. I can't imagine how it would have jimmied into a stock VW! But with the front off, not a problem.


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