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  • Baja Bug dash Baja Bug dash
• It's a long way from there to here. All the wiring is done. And I only fried two or three gauges in the process. The rear window defogger doesn't work, I think, perhaps because the original wiring in the glass is shot. These images show the interior finished, a process done concurrent with the wiring. Turn signal won't flip after a turn, so I have to remember to turn it off, or people will think I'm an old man with the left blinker on the whole time.
  • Baja Bug interior Baja Bug interior
• Note: Seen here, I went crazy and custom built a WOOD dash in 2016-18. Explained in the Interior section.

• In hindsight, if I had to rewire a Beetle for a project, I'd strip the whole thing down to the chassis and start with everything new. Trying to integrate new with old wiring around a semi-complete project is just a pain.

• The wiring harness from the rear is visible below the dash, coming up from the foot (driver's side). But that's not a big deal and it doesn't get in the way. Also easy to get to.
  • Baja Bug light bar Baja Bug light bar
  • Baja Bug light bar Baja Bug light bar
• One of the last things I did with the electrical is finally hook up the light bar.

• Long ago I ran accessory wires from the fuse box to the front and then up, toward the dome light wiring. I drilled a hole for the wires and soldered them into this spare connector.
  • Baja Bug front Baja Bug front
  • Baja Bug fog lights tint Baja Bug fog lights tint
• Four lights at 100W each require a 30-amp fuse. These halogens draw a lot of power. I also drilled holes into the light bar to keep the wiring hidden and clean.

Small fog lights mounted to the front tubing; so exposed to impact. Below are bigger ones, tinted yellow, set back from the tubing. (Tint done by mixing "candy yellow into clear coat, spraying the lenses.)


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