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Clear Coats

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• Poly-urethane Clear Coat is a highly durable top coating used on cars and trucks, but also for other applications including art, crafts, models, woods, plastics and metals. It is mixed with a hardener and usually sprayed on with an airbrush or spray gun over the base paint. It can be enhanced with Candy Concentrates, Pearl powders, chameleon powders, or Flakes.

Color Blender is an inter-coat, often used before the top coat, to apply candy color, special effects, pin-striping or graphics.

Speed Clear instructions

• Mix 4 parts SC1230 to 1 part H-222.
• Apply 2-3 wet coats at 25 psi allowing 10-15 minute flash between coats. Keep spray gun 6-10 inches away from the surface to avoid problems associated with air entrapment.
• Dry times at 77° F.
• Dust Free in 20 minutes.
• Tack Free in 30 minutes.
• Force Drying Flash time @ 77° F - 20 Minutes. Bake Time @140° F - 45 Minutes
• Allow 1 - 2 hours before wet sanding and buffing.

See Alsa's (.pdf) Speed Clear Instructions here.

Color Blender instructions

• Mix 1 part blender to 1 part urethane reducer.
• Mix desired candy or powder into blend.
• Adjust air pressure to 35-45 psi for gravity or siphon spray guns, or 5-6 psi at the cap for HVLP.
• Apply 1-2 light to medium coats onto the blend area, extending each coat a bit further each time. Allow 5-10 minutes between paint coats. Dry times at 70F.
• Dust free in 10 minutes; Tack free in 15 minutes; tape free in 45 minutes.

See Alsa's (.pdf) Color Blender Instructions here.