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Color Flop Powder Additives

Color Flop Powder Additives
Blue Emerald Copper Patina Cabos Havana Rio San Juan Copper Patina

Alsa’s SpectraFX creates a true “chameleon” color shift. Normally added to inter-coat, clear coat or thinner at 1/4 to 1 gram per ounce: 16 grams mixes into pint of clear. May be airbrushed, sprayed, rolled, silk screened, injected, extruded, printed, brushed, powder coated. Up to: 16 grams per pint; 1/4 pound for a quart; 1 pound for a gallon. Click Spectra FX for more info. See also ColorForce3 powder

Note: 16 grams mixes with PT clear; 32 grams mixes with QT clear, 1/4 LB mixes with GAL clear, 1/2 LB mixes with twp GAL clear; 1LB mixes with four GAL clear.


Shifts from green, gold, copper, violet


Shifts from green, blue, purple, emerald


Shifts from aqua blue, green, gold, light green


Shifts from purple, gold, copper

San Juan

Shifts from violet, gold, dark purple


Shifts from violet, deep blue, plum

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Brand Alsa
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