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Multi-Chrome Instructions

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Multi Chrome brings you the best of both worlds in a sprayable chrome paint combined with an intense prismatic color change effect. Simply dust this coating over a polished surface and watch it come to life. Use MultiChrome on your next show piece and make it truly a “One of a kind!” Best when used over a Jet Black base, though colored bases will tint your look.

• The effect is pronounced in strong light. The paint can be applied with almost any type of spray equipment from airbrushes to full size HVLP guns. MultiChrome comes ready to spray: no reducers or hardeners, just pour it in your gun and spray. When you're finished simply pour it back into it's container to use later. MultiChrome can be used on any surface you can paint such as metals, plastics, wood, foams, etc. MultiChrome will create a reflective finish as long as your surface is as smooth as glass and a prismatic color burst when viewed from different angles.

• Apply black base.

• Allow to dry for 30-60 minutes before applying the recommended Speed Clear.

• Apply 2 Dust coats of MultiChrome at 25 PSI with an Iwata LPH50 (or equivalent gun) with a 1.0 Fluid tip, apply one coat after the other then allow the MultiChrome to sit over night in a clean area at 77° F.

• Wipe and remove any excess dust / overspray with a soft lint-free cloth.

• Top coat with your clear coat.

See Alsa's (.pdf) Instructions here.