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Ghost Chrome Instructions

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Ghost Chrome is a ready to spray mid coat that is applied using standard spray equipment, HVLP gun or airbrush. One spectacular use is three-dimensional graphics. It can be used over a variety of base colors ... though it's usually sprayed over shades from light gray to black to produce aluminum or titanium looks. Ghost Chrome can be found on a variety of OEM applications ranging from BMW wheels to Mercedes as well as Ford parts.

• Prepare and basecoat the part as you would for any normal paint job using a base color of you choice depending on the desired effect.

• Using an HVLP spray gun or airbrush begin applying Ghost Chrome using very low volume of material with a high atomization of air (lightly spray through airbrush or dial down your spray gun, with increased psi).

• Be sure to find a good angle of light and check for even surface coverage. Continue applying Ghost Chrome until an even coverage is achieved.

• Top coat with a high quality clear coat such as Alsa's Speed Clear or any other preferred poly-urethane topcoat.

• NOTE: Ghost Chrome can be topped with Candy colors using Candy Concentrates. Ghost Chrome contains the smallest particle makeup of any metallic coating available. These extra small particles allow for a perfect orientation on the surface giving you a true metal look.

See Alsa's (.pdf) Instructions here.