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All About Decal Paper

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Waterslide decal paper is a special film on paper that accepts any print from your printer. It slides off in water and is then applied to your decal surface. Decal paper is used to modify nearly any object with lettering, graphics or images. Decal paper can go over flat surfaces or wrap over curved materials.

• NOTE: Full instructions here. Step-by-step instructions on how to wrap decals here.

Inkjet decal paper works in laser printers, most copiers, ALPs printers. Laser decal paper works in nearly all inkjet printers, and is sprayed first with a clear coat before being dipped in water. All hardware stores carry spray clear in a can.

• After applying you decal, it is then sealed by sprayed or brushing on a finishing clear coat. The result can look like the decal was painted on.

• CLEAR decal paper is used over a white surface, or sometimes over a light colored surface. There are two ways to make a clear decal “look” like it's gone over a dark surface:

1) Decal over a white surface and starting from the edges of the decal, spray in the color(s) you want the rest to look like.

2) Mask off the outline of the decal and spray the area white. When dry, place decal over this part. To mask, print the decal on regular paper, then cut out the outline: The hole is your template.

• WHITE decal paper will go over any colored background without having to mask off the area. Unlike clear paper, the decal will be cut to its edges before dipping in water. This paper is not used over very curved surfaces, since it is thicker than clear decal paper.