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CrystalFX Instructions

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CrystalFX is a self activated crystalizing mask that works over basecoat or intercoat with no need to sand or wash. It is applied either by spraying (spay bottle) or pouring.

• Prep and paint the surface with your choice of base. This base color will become the color that shows as the lines through the crystals.

• Apply the Crystal FX in a lighter coat for small crystals and a wet or heavy coat to achieve the large crystal effect across the surface.

• Allow to dry 10-15 minutes air dry or force dry for smaller more tightly woven crystal effect.

• Now apply your contrasting color (the base paint color that will show through the spaces in the crystals). Apply this coat in a light dusting action.
Note: Take care to apply only a light coat as a wet coat of paint will make it harder to remove the crystals.

• Allow this layer to fully dry. (10-15 minutes)

• Using water and a rag or sponge, scrub off the crystals. This will leave you with a very pronounced crystal design.

• Allow any excess water to dry.

• Apply Alsa Speed Clear or any other preferred topcoat. (You may tint the clear with candy concentrates.)

See Alsa's (.pdf) Instructions here.