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MirraChrome Instructions

Mirra Chrome Mirra Chrome: You will need an airbrush, preferably double-action. For projects larger than 6 x 6 inches, you should use a standard HVLP spray gun. Recommend a half- or full-mask respirator, even with small jobs. Shake before use. Mirra Chrome is an acetone/alcohol-based paint. No reducer needed.

• The key to a successful mirror-like shine is with a glass smooth surface, free of dust and other imperfections. If your material does not already have a very smooth finish, the quickest way to get that is by spraying 1 coat Mirra Clear. Let cure 1 day.

• Do not wet sand: You want as smooth as possible a finish. If you must sand, buff to a glass smooth shine afterward. Before spraying the chrome paint, clean your surface of dust with air or a dry cotton/flannel cloth. A mirror shine will reveal every detail. If buffed, clean with a cloth wetted with half alcohol/water, and clean again ... ALL residue must be removed!

• This paint reflects its background, unless more is sprayed, then it doesn't matter. I have found that when working with metal ON SMALL PROJECTS, it is best to strip off all the paint and clearcoat the metal: No primer.

• Over your black base, spray your clear coat. The idea is to get it glass smooth. Let it cure, as indicated above. Now you are ready for the MirraChrome.

• The key is to spray very little Mirra Chrome with a high volume of air. You want to "mist" on the paint. This will result in a mirror shine with some dust left over that you can wipe off. I use a double-action Iwata Eclipse HP-BCS airbrush and have the pressure at 45-55 psi. I have used 20 psi for a HVLP paint gun (Iwata LP-H50), with the volume down. Start out with a very light mist and work your way up as you get experienced. TIP: When airbrushing small parts (less than a dime), it is possible to spray full volume, point blank and get a mirror shine.

• Keep spraying back and forth until you see the mirror reflection from the paint. If you spray too heavily the finish will look dull and you may have to start over. Wait at least 30 minutes (I wait a full day) before very lightly brushing off the excess paint dust with a cloth, like a cotton T-shirt. If you happen to rub off the paint, just airbrush some more on.

• You may try different coloring methods, unless you want straight chrome. Alsa has candy colors, which can be mixed with thinner, or clear. Spray whatever color or combinations over the chrome: This is the way to go IF you are doing a color fade. Mix candy concentrates up to 1:10 with high gloss acrylic thinner. The colored finish won’t look good until it is clearcoated. The other method is to tint your top coat: This is the way to go if you are doing one color.

• TIP: IF you are painting an area that won’t be handled or exposed to the elements, you can leave a straight chrome paint job without clearing it.

• Finish up by spraying Mirra Clear. If the paint isn’t dry enough, the shine will decrease a lot unless you have colored it.

• TIP: Before clearcoating, you can try the second method of coloring. Using a candy concentrate such as provided by Alsa, add the color into the clear before spraying it. Also, I have found that your shine has a better chance if you clearcoat it wet. TIP: If your finish dulls too much after spraying the clear, there is a solution other than starting all over. After the clearcoat has cured, go over the job once more with chrome paint, but very lightly. Then let dry and clearcoat one last time. The lighter second coat is less likely to dull because there is less of it to interact with the clear.

• Let the whole job cure before any final sanding or buffing you may wish to do. HEAT: After the chrome paint is applied it can withstand high heat, which will increase drying time. It may also increase the shine. ADHESION: Mirra Chrome contains a self-etching solvent that allows it to stick to the smooth clearcoat base far better than most products. However, you will probably want to protect it with a topcoat, since it can still rub off. DRY TIME: The paint dries very quickly, so you can polish and add color from 15 minutes after spraying it. I prefer to wait a day. Additional protection by adding Speed Clear on top of the Mirra Clear.