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Chameleon Paint

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Alsa's affordable color-flopping urethane paints by have a metallic undertone and incredibly smooth hue-shifting quality. Mystic Chameleon and ColorForce3 are angle dependent optical shift paints, meaning the color you see will be dependent on the viewing angle.

• Prep, then base coat the piece with your choice of color flip paint. (Recommend spraying over black for most dramatic color flop; light bases produce an irridescent pearl with subtle color shift.)

• Reduce your paint 1-to-1 with medium urethane reducer.

• Apply the paint with a light to medium wet coat until effect achieved. (Allow to dry 10-15 min.)

• Apply Speed Clear your choice of topcoat.

See Alsa's (.pdf) Color Force Instructions here.

See Alsa's (.pdf) Mystic Instructions here.