Candy Concentrates by Alsa

Alsa's candy colors are extremely concentrated and can be mixed in any clearcoat, inter-coat, base or solvent. As little as 4-5 drops per pint of clear may be used, and as much as a 10:1 ratio of thinner to candy. They can be sprayed over any basecoat, including white and chrome paint. Candy concentrates are an additive. You could spray them undiluted with care and only as a highlight ... but they are best in either a thinner, base paint or clear coat.


1. To clear coat: Mix the candy into your clear until you get the color depth desired (spray the clear with the number of coats you intend to make sure). A few drops per pint for a light coloring, up to 2oz per pint. The ratio also depends on how many coats you plan to use.

2. Adding to thinner: A 10:1 ratio is the highest we go. We use House of Kolor RU-101 thinner and spray over Mirra Chrome or other paint job.

3. Adding to paints: Just mix in until the desired effect is achieved. Perfect for mixing into white for custom fade jobs, or tinting other paints.

4. Tint anything: You can also use to custom tint such materials as wood filler, primer, glaze, sealer, stain, grout, putty, etc.


NOTE: Base paints can be enhanced in several ways. One way to deepen or color a paint job is to tint your clear coat (or color blender, other carrier) with candy concentrates. For instance, a Pineapple Yellow base paint would be finished with clear coat-tinted Candy Lemon Yellow or even True Gold. A silver or white base can become a true candy paint job with candy paint of your choice.

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