Xposures heat paint

Xposures® is unlike any other color shifting paint ever in the way that you don't need to move your head to see the change. Xposures will change "magically" before your eyes simply from exposure to heat or sun. Can be sprayed, rolled on, brushed or silk screened.


• Begin with a black surface for most dramatic results. ( If you need to paint the substrate black you will need the Xposures® black base sold seperatly)

• Start applying Xposures® using very light coats making a few passes until desired results are achieved. (A very easy check to insure adequate coverage is to expose the piece to a source of heat and observe the color intensity if more Xposures® is desired simply apply another light coat or two.)

• Let the Xposures® layer completely dry. (usually within 30 min. air dry depending on conditions)

• Apply your Xposures® U.V. Inhibitor included with your Xposure purchase beginning with light coats. Allow to dry between coats and re-apply until desired gloss is achieved.

• You can ditute the U.V. Inhibitor if needed by mixing with Mineral Spirits (non-odorless).

• Allow to fully dry. (At least 1-2 hrs. air dry depending on coat thickness it is crucial you allow your U.V. Inhibitor to fully dry. Wait to the next day if necessary as this U.V. Inhibitor will be the final barrier between the final clear and the extremely sensitive Xposures® layer).


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• Apply Alsa AC138 Clear with appropriate Hardener; Use ONLY Alsa AC138 Clear as any other clear could migrate through the U.V. Inhibitor killing your Xposures® finish.