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Powder Additives

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Powder Additives

Spectra FX and ColorForce3 powder additives by Alsa create a true "chameleon" color shift. Normally added to clearcoat, color blender, or thinner at .25 to 1.0 gram per ounce, over a black base. May be airbrushed, sprayed, rolled, silk screened, injected, extruded, printed, brushed, powder coated.

• Prepare and prime the surface as you would any normal paint job.

• Apply 2-3 medium/wet coats allowing 10-15 minutes flash time between coats.

• Allow 15-30 minutes before applying the final clear coat or taping off for graphics.- Top coat with a poly-urethane clear.

• Top coat with a high quality clear coat.

Pearl powders

• Comes in blue, silver, gold, red. Crystal Pearls contain a wide range of pearl sizes as well as metalized chips all ranging in particle size from 1 micron to 300 micron giving you amazing depth as well as sparkle.

• Prep your base paint for clear coating.

• Mix the pearl powder into your clear coat.

• Spray the Crystal Pearls over the piece and let dry.

• Topcoat with a poly-urethane clear or your choice of topcoats.

• Note: Try tinting your clear with Candy Concentrates. Crystal Pearls can be used in an innercoat clear, color blender, or your final clear. Different effects are achieved with varying amounts, so there isn't a set ratio of pearl-to-clearcoat.

See Alsa's (.pdf) ColorForce3 Instructions here and SpectraFX Instructions here.