Chameleon powder

SpectraFX by Alsa Corp. creates a true "chameleon" color shift. Normally added to clearcoat or thinner at .25 to 1.0 gram per ounce. May be airbrushed, sprayed, rolled, silk screeded, injected, extruded, printed, brushed, even powder coated.


• Prep, then basecoat the piece with your choice of colors. (Recommend black for most dramatic color flop.)
• Mix 1 gr. per ounce of liquid using an inner coat clear, color blender, thinner, or even your final clear. 1 gr. per ounce will yield a high concentration of SpectraFX using more than this can actually decrease the overall look. However using less even ¼ to ½ gr. per ounce will still produce dramatic color change effects.
• Apply with one wet or two medium coats.
• Allow to dry before clearing.


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