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Soft Feel Kit, Motorcycle

Soft Feel Kit, Motorcycle

Alsa Soft Feeling Paint coating is a unique product that can create rich, soft feelings on almost any surface. Can also produce a rubberized feel. Ideal for any product that is intended to be touched: Transforms hard surfaces into new sensational textures. Kit comes with:

• Quart Resin (choose color)
• 1.5 PTs Thinner
• Hardener (8oz)
• Quart base Nevada Silver + QT reducer (2 sprayable quarts)
Can be applied using a heat gun if no baking booth available.

VERY easy to apply ... just like spraying clear coat! Click Soft Feel for more info.

Weight 10.00 lbs
Brand Alsa
Market price: $250.00
Our price: $240.00
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