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Soft Feel Clear

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Alsa's Soft Feel can be applied over any color base paint to provide a matte/leather like feel that displays self healing properties and the ability to withstand extreme temperatures.

It is sprayed on using traditional spray painting equipment. SoftTouch Paint coating is a very adaptable coating that can adhere to almost any surface. It is both scratch & mar resistant.

It can be enhanced with Candy Concentrates, Pearl powders, chameleon powders, or Flakes.

• Mixing ratio by volume: ST2010 resin/ST2012 hardener/ST2011 thinner: 20:3:6 ratio -- or approximately 7 parts resin, 1 part hardener and 2 parts thinner.

• Conventional spraying, 0.04-0.1 mil nozzle, 6 to 14.5 psi fluid pressure, 50-60 psi atomizing pressure.

• Pot Life: 4 Hours @ ambient conditions.

• Flash Off: 5 minutes at ambient conditions.

• Forced Drying: 30-40 minutes at 150°F.

• Temperature resistance: Minimum 96 hours at 266°F

See Alsa's (.pdf) Instructions here.