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PrizmaCoat Kits

PrizmaCoat Kits
Prizmacoat over dark base Prizmacoat over silver base Prizmacoat over varied colors Prizmacoat over color chrome Prizmacoat over chrome Prizmacoatover green base

Ready-to-spray Prizmacoat. Sprayable 1 quart. When combined with Candy Concentrates, a customizer can produce some of the most explosive paint jobs ever. When sprayed over Mirra Chrome, a subtle prizmatic effect is seen in sunlight. Following directions highly recommended. Speed Clear comes with hardener (4:1 ratio); Jet Black base comes with reducer (1:1) ratio. Best when used over a Jet Black base, though colored bases will tint your look. Click Prizmacoat for more info.

SKU SKU11091110
Weight 0.40 lbs
Brand Alsa
Our price: $159.00
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