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Inkjet Ultra Cling

Inkjet Ultra Cling
inkjet static cling inkjet static cling inkjet static cling
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Ten (10) Sheets 8.5" x 11". Inkjet Ultra Cling Media: Use this media to make professional looking, clear or white, ultra removable labels or stickers. "Ultra Cling" has a minor adhesive which works with static cling, yet can be removed and reused to another position. Clear is ideal for clear interior window clings; white for interior walls or other colored surfaces. Use Papilio's Ultra Cling for any type of sign you wish to be self-adhesive and yet easily removable and reusable.
This self-adhesive application is often used for interior window or wall stickers or. It is also used for parking permits, oil change stickers, and organization or club automobile badges with UV protection.

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