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Crazer Paints

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Crazer paints spray over your base paint and while still wet, given a pattern of your choosing. Using plastic wrap, snakeskin, brushes, sponge or other tools, you can create a cracked look, marble, strokes ... anything.

• Prep and basecoat your part as you would any other paint job.

• Apply 1 medium to wet coat of Crazer to the surface.

• Immediately use cling wrap or your choice of texturing tool to produce the desired effect. Apply saran wrap to the entire part then rub the cling wrap down with your hand to insure contact with surface, then remove the cling wrap. If you pull the wrap across the surface before lifting you can produce a marble-like finish.

• Let dry. (Usually 3-5 minutes.)

• Topcoat with poly-urethane clear or your choice of topcoats.

• Note:You can also lay a second Crazer coat for a layered effect. And, you can tint your top coat with a Candy Concentrate for an even wilder effect.

See Alsa's (.pdf) Instructions here.