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Chrome Paints

FOUR paint varieties by the Alsa Corp. produce various degrees of a metallic effect:

1. Mirra Chrome is a paint that will produce a mirror-chrome shine, accept clearcoat, and require only a smooth surface and a spray gun or airbrush. No paint known to us could do this. Until now only chrome plating, silvering or bare metal buffing could produce a mirror shine.
2. Ghost Chrome can be found on a variety of OEM applications ranging from BMW wheels to Mercedes as well as Ford parts. It is a ready to spray mid-coat that can be applied over shades of gray ranging from light grey to black. It is a favorite of customizer Craig Fraser.
3. MultiChrome can produce a reflective shine to a gun metal shine, withe the amazing secondary effect of a chameleon paint ... shifting colors depending on angle & light.
4. Prizmacoat is a specialty paint that can be applied either over a regular paint or over glass or chrome. It's main feature is a prizmatic color shift in sunlight, depending on angle.


Easy Chrome
Market price: $199.00 save 7%
Market price: $396.00 save 7%
Ghost Chrome
Market price: $55.00 save 7%
Market price: $205.00 save 3%