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1974 Super Beetle Baja Bug


Baja Bug Project

This is my project page for converting a stock VW Bug into a street legal Baja Bug. This is a well known conversion that enables an already versatile passenger car into a full fledged off-road machine. The Super Beetle version of the Volkwagen has one drawback for off-road use: the front suspension. Much has been written about this single drawback so I would like to add a reply:


About 30 years ago I was able to take my '72 Super Beetle Baja Bug off road. It was taken into gullies and gulches, places where only a motorcycle should have been. The Super Beetle has a MacPherson-Strut suspension (for 1971-75 and for Super Beetle convertibles until 1979). All other Type I VWs have Torsion-Arm suspension, and this is more durable and adaptable than MacPherson struts. The MacPherson-Strut suspension can be beefed up and is suitable for light off-roading, in my experience.


One advantage of off-roading a Super Beetle is you aren't chopping up a vintage VW.


The first thing to be done with the Super Beetle is to bring the front end to its best. Add a sway bar and a Super Beetle strut tie bar. The sway bar improves handling under cornering, and the EMPI tie bar goes across the top of the struts and strengthens the MacPherson-Strut suspension. Added KYB gas-charged shocks and replaced bushings, ball joints, tie rod and ends. Added a rebuilt steering box and disk brakes (replacing drum brakes).


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