Color shifting powders

Spectra FX and ColorForce3 by Alsa Corp. create a true "chameleon" color shift. Normally added to clearcoat or thinner at .25 to 1.0 gram per ounce. May be airbrushed, sprayed, rolled, silk screeded, injected, extruded, printed, brushed, powder coated.


- Prepare and prime the surface as you would any normal paint job.

- Apply 2-3 medium/wet coats allowing 10-15 minutes flash time between coats.

- Allow 15-30 minutes before applying the final clear coat or taping off for graphics.- Top coat with a poly-urethane clear.


Pearl additives

Comes in blue, silver, gold, red. Crystal Pearls contain a wide range of pearl sizes as well as metalized chips all ranging in particle size from 1 micron to 300 micron giving you amazing depth as well as sparkle.


- Prep your base paint for clear coating.

- Mix the pearl powder into your clear coat.

- Spray the Crystal Pearls over the piece and let dry.

- Topcoat with a poly-urethane clear or your choice of topcoats.

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