Base Pearls by Alsa

A basecoat is used as a primary paint job or as a “base” that other colors or designs can be added to. With Alsa’s Pearl ’ Basecoats as few as two coats will produce your finish. These base paints save time and material. Mix with Alsa’s medium reducer (1:1 ratio). Pearl Basecoats have twice the amount of pigments and metallics allowing coverage in half the time with less material.


• Prepare and prime the surface as you would any normal paint job.


• Apply 2-3 medium/wet coats allowing 10-15 minutes flash time between coats.


• Allow 15-30 minutes before applying the final clear coat or taping off for graphics.


• Top coat with a poly-urethane clear.


NOTE: Base paints can be enhanced in several ways. One way to deepen a paint job is to tint your clear coat with Candy Concentrates. For instance, a Pearl Screaming Yellow base paint would be finished with clear coat tinted with Candy Lemon Yellow or even True Gold.

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