Clear coat for Mirra Chrome

Alsa Corp. has improved its topcoat process for Mirra Chrome. This is a one component clear coat that goes over Mirra Chrome but without the normal amount of dulling. Mirra Clear is also known as Lightning Clear.


Kustom Rides offers a variety of clear coats and a small craft clear.


Clear instructions


• Full instructions for working with Mirra Chrome.
Allow the basecoat to fully dry 15-30 min. You are now ready to apply the Mirra Clear.
Allow the Clear to fully dry (Air dry 4 hrs. / Bake 140F for 30 min.

Apply Mirra Chrome using a dusting effect, (very small volume of material with a substantial amount of air) until it shines.
Allow the Mirra Chrome to air dry four to six hours (70º - 75º F)

Use a very soft lint-free cloth to remove any of the excess dust/overspray from the surface.
• Now apply 1 wet coat Mirra Clear and allow to dry for 30 mi air dry (15 min@140°F).

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