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Killer Chrome Kits

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killer cans

Above, click for larger view of clear coat Killer Can workings. Other Killer Cans operate as normal spray cans.

Alsa Corp's Killer Chrome Kits (applies to Chrome, Ghost Chrome, Prizmacoat and MultiChrome) provide the aerosol spray equivalent of expensive automotive spray equipment. They give you the power of real automotive spray gun at your fingertips. Instructions on each can.

NOTE: If you already have a totally SMOOTH and GLOSSY surface you can skip to Step 6 of the application process. Use of a NIOSH approved mask in a well ventilated area when spraying is recommended, esp. for the Speed Clear.

How to Apply MultiChrome

STEP 1. - Prepare and prime the surface as you would any normal paint job.

STEP 2. - Apply Alsa Jet Black Stylin Basecoat (KC-ASB-13).

STEP 3. - Allow to dry for 30-60 minutes before applying the recommended Alsa Speed Clear (KC-SC1230).

STEP 4. - Apply 2 light coats of MultiChrome; one coat after the other then allow the MultiChrome to sit over night in a clean area at 77° F.

STEP 5. - Wipe and remove any excess dust / operspray with a soft lint-free cloth.

STEP 6. - Clear with the recommended Alsa Speed Clear (KC-SC1230).




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