Killer Chrome paint

Alsa Corp.'s Killer Chrome Kits (Mirra Chrome, Ghost Chrome, Prizmacoat and MultiChrome) provide the aerosol spray equivalent of expensive automotive spray equipment. They give you the power of real automotive spray gun at your fingertips. Instructions on each can.


Detailed instructions here. Mobile page here.


If you already have a glass smooth surface, move on to Step 4.

• Apply Killer Jet Black or other black base over your prepared surface.

• Allow the basecoat to fully dry 15-30 minutes. You are now ready to apply Killer Mirra Clear. You could also use Lightning Clear or Speed Clear, but would have to wait a week for the Speed Clear to cure.

• Allow the Mirra Clear of Lightning Clear to fully dry 24 hours (do not bake). Buff out any defects and clean thoroughly. Even a light fingerprint will show.

• Begin applying Killer Chrome using a dusting effect. Do NOT SPRAY WET LIKE A SPRAY PAINT! This is a true metal deposition and requires a light, EVEN, application. The lighter the better: mist it on.

• Allow the MirraChrome to air dry four to six hours (70º - 75º F).

• Use a very soft lint-free cloth to remove any of the excess dust/overspray from the surface; wipe softly. If you complete this step you will notice an improvement in the final appearance.

• Now apply Killer Mirra Clear and allow to dry for 30 min air dry (15 min@140°F) before moving on to Step 8.

• If you are applying this to a vehicle or other object that will be handled frequently or exposed to the elements you will now want to apply the Alsa Killer Speed Clear (optional). Wet sand the underlying clear coat first.



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