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Q: Is my credit card payment safe?
A: Yes: You can tell when any site is secure by looking for a shut lock icon, often at the bottom right of your browser. During registration and checkout this icon will appear on this site. Right now you do not see the secure icon because this is not a registration or payment page. This site is PCI compliant, which means your payment info isn't stored here: You are taken straight to the payment processor. AuthorizeNet is our credit card gateway. You can also use either your Amazon or PayPal account.


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Q: How much paint do I need?
A: There is no quick answer because some paints go further than others. Your auto paint shop can give you the best answer if you're doing a vehicle. For more detailed information about vehicle painting, click here. Many ask about painting their car, so to cover a mid-sized car here is a rough estimate for various paints:

a) About 4 sprayable quarts base paint
b) About 2 Quarts of the Chrome paints
c) 4-6 quarts clear coat
d) 2-8 ounces Candy Concentrate
e) 3 quarts Crazer
g) 20-90 grams Spectra FX

Q: Are instructions sent along with orders?
A: Yes

Q: What payment methods do you accept?
A: Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, US Postal money order, Canada Postal MO (US Dollars), cashier's check (US). You may also use Amazon Checkout.

Q: What is waterslide decal paper?
A: This is a thin film printed on using either a laser, inkjet or thermal printer. The printed decal slides off in water and is applied to your surface area.

Q: How long before I get my order?
A: Depends on shipping method; usually within a week. Paint products shipped by ground and may take longer; international orders can take longer due to customs. Orders are usually sent out within 2 business days.

Q: Can you ship paint products by air, or outside of North America?
A: No. If you need by air we can refer you to the manufacturer.

Q: What are your shipping policies?
A: They are located here. Basically, your shipping options are made available in your cart and confirmed once you sign in as a registered user, or enter your address as an unregistered user. Before you do that, the system has a default location of New York City. So any rates you see before signing on or entering your address show costs of shipping from California to New York.


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