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Chameleon Paint Kit, Car/Truck

Chameleon Paint Kit, Car/Truck
Mystic Autumn Tropical Passion Violet Dreams Burning Ice Mystic Autumn

With Alsa’s Stylin’ Mystic chameleon paint as few as one wet coat of the chameleon over a black base will produce your finish. These chameleon paints save time and material. Mix with Alsa’s medium reducer (1:1 ratio, included in this selection). Each order comes with:

• 2 QTs Alsa’s Mystic Paint, 2 QTs reducer = 1 sprayable gallon (choose color below).
• Gallon Alsa’s Jet Black Paint, GAL reducer = 2 sprayable gallons.
• 1 Gallon poly-urethane Speed Clear coat + QT hardener.

Select ‘Choose color’ below to see paint example. NOTE: For Burning Ice we recommend about a sprayable pint of Deep Blue base lightly dusted over your black base first. Click Chameleon Paint for more info.

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