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Candy Paint Kit, Car/Truck

Candy Paint Kit, Car/Truck
Candy paint colors Candy Brown

Now you can achieve a professional candy paint job and save money by buying the ingredients yourself: Just get the kit (comes with instructions) and paint, or give to your paint shop. The examples shown per color are sprayed over a Nevada Silver base. Each order comes with:

• Gallon Alsa Nevada Silver, GAL reducer = 2 sprayable gallons.
• 8 ounces Alsa Candy Concentrate. (Choose candy color below)
• 2QT color blender + 2QT reducer = 1/2 gallon. (The candy mixes into this intercoat and is sprayed over the base paint; you can also mix some into the clear coat as well to produce a deeper candy look or skip the Color Blender.)
• 1 Gallon poly-urethane clear coat + quart hardener. Select ‘Choose color’ to see paint example. Click Candy Paint for more info.

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