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Chrome Paint Kit, Car/Truck

Chrome Paint Kit, Car/Truck

Ready-to-spray Mirra Chrome Kit with Jet Black base paint, Lightning Clear, Mirra Chrome. Jet Black paint comes with reducer (1:1 ratio). Comes with complimentary flannel cloth.

For do-it-yourself instructions on vehicle painting, click HERE.

Comes with:
• Gallon of Mirra Chrome
• Sprayable gallon of urethane Jet Black base paint: 2 QTs paint, 2 QTs medium reducer.
• Gallon of Mirra Clear.
• Gallon of Speed Clear & QT Hardener
• Polishing cloth.
• Instructions

Weight 50.00 lbs
Brand Alsa
Market price: $2084.00
Our price: $1995.00
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